Job Description :
Drupal Developer
Troy, NY
24 Months

Job Description:

Develop and maintain Internet and Intranet websites
Day-to-day tasks include but are not limited to:
Assist with the design and development effort to modernize our infrastructure and web applications into Drupal 8.
Handle user requests to maintain internal and external website content ranging from static html, through Drupal 7 & 8.
Develop new web pages, web forms, and modules to extend functionality.
Troubleshoot issues.
Assist in infrastructure maintenance.
Perform various testing.
Mentor OAG team members.

Skill Matrix:

84 Months of experience developing and administering web sites and applications built in Drupal
36 months of experience working with Drupal 8
84 Months of experience with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
36 Months of experience developing in Java
48 Months of experience developing on a LAMP Stack (Linux OS, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, and PHP)
12 Months of experience working with Docker
24 Months of experience working with a Government Agency