Job Description :
Position: .Net developer
Location: Lake Forest, CA
Type: Contract

Job description-
Mandatory Skills:
Must have 7+ years of hands-on experience developing business applications.
C# language, WPF, AngularJS, Web API – Hands on working knowledge. 8 (1-10 scale)
Object Oriented Programming - Hands on working knowledge – 8 (1-10 scale)
Strong software Engineering concepts – SOLID, Design Patterns etc. – 7 (1-10 scale)
Unit Testing - Hands on working knowledge/exposure – 8 (1-10 scale)
Database concepts - Hands on working knowledge/exposure – 7 (1-10 scale)
Hands on working knowledge/exposure with Windows Server and non-Server OS / dev environment
Hands on working knowledge/exposure to Agile/Scrum methodology

Preferred Skills:
OWIN, Angular 7, Data Flows, TPL - working/academic knowledge, at least a verbal confirmation that “I can quickly pick it up” that is apparent from all the above – 5 (1-10 scale)
Performance and memory profiling
TDD – At least academic knowledge/understanding should be there – 5 (1-10 scale)
Working/Academic knowledge/experience of SCADA domain

Job Roles/Responsibilities:
Participate in all activities of the complete SDLC process, including formal written documentation and interaction with customers
Create, design, develop, and document software based on technical requirements
Work with a team of developers to ensure each deliverable meets quality and timeline goals
Must take ownership of development tasks (typically collaborating with others) and ensuring that implementation generally adheres to the architecture, best practices, and organization coding standards
Participate in code reviews, code analysis, and identification of software risks
Create detailed written technical documentation based on functional requirements and as part of the SDLC
Developing new application using C# and AngularJS
Optimizing components for maximum performance

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