Job Description :
Minimum of 80 months experience as lead developer in developing web-based systems using Microsoft ASP.Net Web Forms and C#, bootstrap framework, and back end code development for workflow process type of system using Microsoft ASP.Net (or ASP.Net Core) MVC and design patterns such as MVP, MVVM, Web using MVC core and WEB API.
Minimum of 80 months experience in developing SOAP or RESTFUL web service or backend APIs for the Web Systems to integrate.

Minimum of 80 months of professional experience in Microsoft/Oracle technologies of a variety of computer languages to support CRM back offices’ license review and processing systems, to provide design, develop and implement highly scalable and reliable IT systems and respond to urgent issues without losing focus on deliverables during the project SDLC life cycle.

80 months experience with hands on programming on the .Net (4.0+) platform using C# and MCF services.

Minimum of 60 months of experience working in architecture, engineering, design and development services using MongoDB that support all popular programming languages include C, C++, C#, Java, Node.js, Perl, PHP, Python to support modern mobile and web applications with a document-oriented and semi structured database framework.

Minimum of 80 months experience to perform gap analysis, design solutions to support growing business needs, build and maintain design system /pattern library.

Minimum of 80 months experience in developing and supporting JavaScript AJAX and C-Sharp Dot Net applications including JQuery including and DOM manipulation

60 months of Automation testing experience in HP-UFT and SOAP UI – load testing, create automation test scripts for Integration, Load, Regression and System testing.

Minimum of 80 months experience in CRM application to engage teams to design & build reusable back office agencies’ workflow and review approval process systems as part of ITS mainframe re-platform modernization projects to build a centralized system to replace various Access Database Applications.
80 months experience in database development creating tables, views, complex queries, triggers, procedures and packages and performance tuning in an Oracle database , MSSQL database, Mongo nosql Database