Job Description :
Must have :

- OOP concept
- exposure in Unit testing tools and concept
- Design pattern knowledge

- ASP.NET MVC: Candidate should have hands on experience on building websites using Microsoft’s MVC framework. Candidate should understand Filters, controllers, Routing etc.
- Web API: In depth understanding on building REST based web services.
- Automated Unit testing: Candidate should have knowledge on what unit testing is. Candidate should have knowledge about Nunit, Mocking techniques etc.
- SOLID principles: Candidate should have in-depth understanding and ways of implementing SOLID principles in core development.
- Design Patterns: Candidate should have hands on experience in implementing design patterns like singleton, abstract factory, observer etc.
- OOPS concepts: Candidate should understand core concepts of OOPS like Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstract class, Interface etc.
- AngularJS/ReactJS: Candidate should have understanding on building new-age web applications using these new javascript frameworks.