Job Description :
Must-have skills

BS in Computer Science, or equivalent relevant work experience
7+ years working with the .NET stack and experience with to .NET Core
3+ years of experience with modern ES6+ UI development frameworks like React, Angular 4+ and or Vue

Server Side:
Architecture: Microservices
Language: C#
Framework: .Net Core v2.1/AspnetCore v2.1
Html Templating Engine: Razor
Testing Framework: xUnit
BDD Testing Framework: Specflow/xUnit

Client Side:
Architecture: SPA (Single page application)
Language: JavaScript/HTML/CSS
Framework: Vue.js, Vuetify
Testing Framework: Jest (subject to change)
BDD Testing Framework: Cucumber

Understanding of Object Oriented programming and Task-based Asynchronous Programming
Good team player, with a passion for collaboration, and an ability to articulate high-level concepts