Job Description :
Position .Net Architect
Rate $70 on C2C
Location St. Louis, MO
Job Type CTH / C2C
Start Date Immediate
Job Description Senior Architect (1 position)
Bachelor’s degree in computers/equivalent with 10 or more years of industry experience.
Experience working with large .NET applications and newer technologies including Devops, cloud computing etc.
A high level of emotional intelligence to work with a diverse group of stakeholders across the organization.
Experience in driving organizational change in increments across stakeholders.

Job duties
Work with the Centene architect to define and implement a digital roadmap for the UMV application.
In a period of 6m-1y the following initiatives need to be implemented with measurable metrics
o Refactor the application to improve code reusability, reduction in lines of code and improved maintainability.
o Implement a roadmap to have complete unit and functional testing coverage to enable CICD.
o Implement a CICD pipeline for the application to enable testing and deployment.
o Identify opportunities to containerize application or components to eliminate platform dependencies.
o Lay out a road map to move the application to a cloud based deployment.
Deliver reduction of tech debt, structuring the code better and improving maintainability.
Help inculcate a culture of structured coding and remove unit test issues.
Through these initiatives reduce the number of FTEs needed to support the application and move budget to feature function development.