Job Description :
Need a write-up on their Exp. with PHP/Drupal

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer who would be responsible for applications deployments, application support, application architecture and operations of various technology for DevOps support.
Principal Responsibilities:
Application deployments in a Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD) environment.
Installing and deploying applications in a public cloud environment (Azure)
Installing, maintaining, and patching servers for source code management tools like GitLab or GitHub
Administering, patching, and automating tasks and integration in Jira/Confluence
Administering users/projects in Azure DevOps tools, as needed
Configuring Jira/Confluence workflows, issue types, settings
Installing, testing, supporting add-ons and Jira/Confluence plugins to different environments (ADO, Git, CI/CD tools, Testing tools)
Documenting and creating user guides for Jira/Confluence configurations
Implementing portfolio tools (to be determined), dashboard, and other integrations as tools evolve
Implementing self-healing environments to automate the process of troubleshooting an application that went down- constantly automating until all applications are as efficient as possible.
Troubleshooting the highest level of escalation for all DevOps related tickets
Document and add all application support to the appropriate monitoring tools
Ops engineer is responsible for all day-to-day operational support of applications which the team is assigned to.
Educate remote operations teams on options and availability of various technology for DevOps support
Ability to manage multiple projects balancing large integrations with small, quick firing tasks
Professional level Documentation and communication skills (verbal and written
Align activities with project milestones and implementation schedule
Comply with quality and client standards and ongoing initiatives
Required Skills/Qualifications:
Candidate should have minimum 6 years of relevant experience in the IT Industry.
Candidate should have over 4 years of Infrastructure support projects in 24 x 7 environments with 2-3 years in a webhosting environment supporting clients on Linux and UNIX servers, handled installation, and configuration.
Prior success in automating a real-world production environment.
Candidate should have experience with operating systems, like Linux (Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS
Experience with Lamp Stack and new Technologies, Automatic configuration and Automation tools like Puppet, CHEF, Ansible etc.
Strong understanding of Apache, tomcat, Jboss, nginx, light httpd
Strong scripting skills like bash, Python, SQL, PERL, etc.
Experience with monitoring tools like NewRelic, Nagios, etc.
Experience with databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.
Experience working with version control systems (Subversion, SVN, git, GitHub, GitLab etc
Experience with Jira/Confluence and cloud technologies like Azure
Excellent analytical, problem solving and communications skills; strong customer interface skills, and the ability to work independently but with a strong team orientation
Self-motivated with a strong sense of ownership, urgency and drive
Experience working in a challenging and fast paced environment