Job Description :
Job Title: DevOps Engineer
Client: Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Location: Minnetonka, Minnesota
Duration: 6 Month Contract to Hire (No H1-b or CPT/OPT)

Experience managing/administering Splunk environment; aggregating and transforming log data into useful insights (queries and dashboards) Required 4 Years
Experience with infra-coding tools like Ansible and continuous delivery pipeline tools like Jenkins Required 3 Years
Software development experience with Perl, JavaScript, NodeJS, Python, Power Shell scripting languages Required 3 Years
Experience implementing effective monitoring and observability solutions through practical application of the RED and USE methodologies Required 4 Years
Experience integrating monitoring, alerting, collaboration and ticketing systems using API''s, webhooks, command-line calls, and emails Required 4 Years
Experience using distributed source control tools like Git, GitHub, and GitLab Required 2 Years
Experience monitoring Java and .Net applications using bytecode instrumentation, packet sniffing, and synthetic monitoring (e.g., New Relic, CA APM) Required 3 Years
Developing and Enhancing and promoting the Splunk platform within Customer Environment Required 4 Years

Job Description:
Our team’s mission is to design a framework that can be adopted by product teams in order to make the health, performance and utilization of their service observable to the broader organization. We envision managing core services for aggregating and exposing metrics, logs and alerts which is accessible to the broader organization while at the same time ensuring conformance with a “need to know” level of role-based access controls.
Our existing services are organized around a centrally managed request-based model where our team “pulls” metrics, logs and alerts from systems of interest. This approach necessitates significant integration with those teams and astute negotiation of priorities and responsibilities. Considerable effort is involved in administering not only the core services but also the operation of agents deployed across the environment as well as the management of access accounts, database queries, scripts, etc. We are also tasked with developing and maintaining integrations between not only our own monitoring tools and the service desk but also desperate tools employed by different product and engineering teams - and transforming and routing the resulting data for use by the broader organization. A successful candidate will need to be capable of adopting to different tools and build integrations between application monitoring tools, team collaboration tools, and event management tools.

Provide guidance to product teams working to instrument and continuously improve real-time shared visibility into the health, performance and throughput of their services as described by KPIs.
Experience monitoring Java and .Net applications using bytecode instrumentation, packet sniffing and synthetic monitoring
Experience administering a shared, multi-use case enterprise log aggregation service
Experience with synthetic browser-based and web services monitoring
Experience in one or more scripting languages (Perl, JavaScript, NodeJS, Python, Ruby, Power Shell)

The preferred candidate will have practical hands-on experience:
using tools like Splunk and Elastic search to aggregate and transform data into useful insights
with application performance management tools like NewRelic and CA APM as well as legacy
developing alert integrations among monitoring/management, ticketing, collaboration and reporting tools using APIs, webhooks, command-line calls, email, or whatever other mechanism required
using orchestration tools in order to automate the classification, transformation, deduplication, enrichment, routing and recovery of alerts generated across the organization
with distributed source control tools like git, GitHub and GitLab
with infra-coding tools like Ansible and continuous delivery pipelines (CI/CD) like Jenkins

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