Job Description :
5-10 years’ experience is desired
- Manager not super familiar with the IBM CDC tool. Very new at the Bank in general with this tool and they have IBM Consultants on site.
- Creating a secondary database, which will be DB2, and the primary database is also in DB2. Moving 300 tables over to the secondary database and CDC will help them move/capture the data.
- Replicate reporting database over to Hadoop for long-term 7 year storage is another project.
- IBM Cognos for modeling database tables/views.
- Data Warehouse Developer & Database Analyst are the 2 needs
- CDC is going to be a must have for both roles.
- Data Warehouse Developer: SQL, DB2, IBM CDC, and ideally Hadoop. CDC isn’t even installed so need to be comfortable working in an environment where it isn’t already set up.
- Database Analyst: IBM CDC
OLAP/DSS/Data mining, designing and developing enterprise-wide repositories utilizing SQL-based data base products including DB2, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and other decision support systems/expert systems.
Defines requirements and tools to interface all legacy data.
Define usage of queries/reporting tools to support, analyze large volumes of information within corporate data warehouse.