Job Description :
Job Title : Data Scientists Modeling
Location : Dearborn, Michigan

Position Description:
A high-potential analyst is needed to assist in all phases of the development, deployment, monitoring, and evaluation of analytical models & tools. We are looking for highly motivated, multi-faceted individuals to work in a high-visibility functional area. 1. Work with Risk, Finance, Pricing and Sales teams to support business strategies 2. Employ statistical procedures (e.g., binary/multinomial logistic, nested logit) to develop models to quantify risk or payment behaviors, responsiveness to price and other vehicle incentives 3. Employ econometric procedures (e.g., ARIMA, ARCH/GARCH) to develop forecasts for loan offers, approvals, purchases as well as portfolio mix (e.g. term, risk tier) 4. Develop optimization models and frameworks to determine optimal pricing or risk strategies; incorporating corporate objectives and constraints 5. Develop model tracking methodologies and reports to monitor model performance 6. Investigate data & implementation issues 7. Work with various data sources and platforms to compile data

Skills Required:
1. Strong knowledge of statistical, econometric, and optimization methods (e.g., logistic, time series, seasonal adjustments, non-linear programming) 2. Familiarity of various simulation techniques 3. Strong statistical programming experience required 4. Practical experience in analytics in business and/or academic environment (Finance experience is a bonus) 5. Ability to translate complex quantitative methods into easily understood results for all levels of business customers

Skills Preferred:
1. Strong oral and written communication skills 2. Well-organized, independent and ready to work with minimal supervision 3. Inquisitive, team-oriented, proactive, open-minded and interested in learning

Experience Required:
1. 1+ years of experience with statistical, econometric, and optimization methods (e.g., logistic, time series, seasonal adjustments, non-linear methods) 2. 1+ years of experience using analytics in a business or academic environment 3. 1+ years of experience in one of the following: SAS, R, MatLab or Python

Experience Preferred:
1. SAS proficiency is strongly preferred, Matlab, R, Python is a plus 2. Experience with various data platforms (PC, Mainframe, UNIX/LINUX, Teradata)

Education Required:
Complete (Or nearly complete) Master Degree Biostatistics, Mathematics, Operations Research; Economics with emphasis in Econometrics or related quantitative field

Education Preferred:
Statistics, Applied Math