Job Description :
Role Name: Data Modeler
Kenilworth, NJ

Main Role: The main task for this candidate is to design the Global Vaccines Data Repository that meet organizational needs using conceptual, logical, and physical data models. This model will improve efficiency and outputs, and may focus on issues such as reducing data redundancy or improving data movement across systems.

Duties for the role:
Creating and doing the design works to empower production system and practice to use data and thrust business processes.
Designating relationships between data fields, performing on the blue print for a design which extremely will get physically built on the equipment.
Reviewing a company’s data accounting and processing methods and ensuring that the applications and data assets run sufficient and effectively.
Responsible for progressing and maintaining official description of the data and data formation.
Organize the integration of data and migration activities to enhance operating efficiency.
Support in the implementation of a data security model to ensure the user have access to the data they are allowed to use.
Work closely with data stewards for the different

Main Skills:
Experience with RDBMS design and data normalization.
SQL Knowledge. The person should be able to write queries to fetch data in an efficient way.
The candidate should be able to break-down complicated datasets into smaller pieces to avoid redundancy.
Good communications skills with technical and business stakeholders. The candidate should be able to communicate ideas clearly and concisely across technical members of the team, and business stakeholders.
Problem solving skills.
Knowledge of database entity relationship (ER) modeling
Knowledge of CASE tool used for ER modeling (e.g. Power Designer, Erwin, Enterprise Architect)