Job Description :
The Data Governance and Management Analyst is responsible for supporting the
establishment of enterprise level processes, standards, and tools to support the
implementation of data governance and management for the Wisconsin Division of Medicaid
Services (DMS The successful candidate will consult with DMS on the following key
aspects of data governance and management:
decision making authority,
compliance monitoring,
policies and standards,
roles and responsibilities,
data inventories,
full lifecycle data management,
content management,
records management,
data preservation and retention,
data quality,
data classification,
data security and access,
data valuation.
General skills and experience:
Excellent interpersonal communication skills
Excellent organization and time management skills
Excellent facilitation and presentation skills
Excellent conflict resolution and management skills
Knowledge of the Medicaid Program (preferred)
Knowledge of data related government regulatory requirements and emerging trends
and issues
Demonstrated analysis skills, with change management concepts and strategies
Data governance and management skills and experience:
Demonstrated success in supporting a data governance and management framework
aligned with industry standards and best practices that includes the following:
o Data Governance
o Data Architecture Management
o Data Development
o Data Operations Management
o Data Security Management
o Reference and Master Data Management
o Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
o Document and Content Management
o Meta-data Management
o Data Quality Management
TAPFIN RFS Position Description
Implementation or support of data governance and management standards,
procedures, and roles and responsibilities for a large organization
Integration of enterprise level data that eliminates or reduces duplication and data
Implementation and/or support of and enterprise data warehouse and business
intelligence (analytics) for a large organization
Support of Big Data – structured and unstructured – that includes high volume,
frequency, and variety
Provide regular progress reports to Data Governance and Management staff
Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or Business Administration with a demonstrated
track record of success in supporting a large data governance and management area within
an organization.
Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP®) preferred.
Five to ten years of relevant experience

Client : Direct End Client