Job Description :
Job Title : Data Engineer
Job Location : , Salt Lake City, UT
Position Type : Full Time
Job Description :

Key Skills:
Java, Python, ETL
Data Engineer requirement
Mark is responsible for data services, his team provides the APIs for the front, back and middle offices, for the data to be used within their systems. They collect data from internal and external systems, join it and provide it to the consumers of the data. He needs to figure out were the gaps are in the data, how to join the data so that it is complete and accurate before the data is onboarded into the data platforms. His colleague David, is responsible for the data platforms.
Skills required:
They want somebody who is very knowledgeable in Elastic, and knows it''s limits and is able to work around its limits. They ideal candidate would be a hybrid of Java developer and data engineer who knows elastic, fundamentally understands data needs. Functional knowledge of portfolio management data would be a very desirable skill, but not necessary. The candidate should know Java, Python and Spark. They are moving away from databases and therefore knowledge of any specific database is not important. It is important to know criticality and accuracy of data, treatment of data, etc. Data modeling knowledge is not required but would be useful.
Typical use ases they would face is-
How not to go over 0.5 GB in index size, what are you supposed to go if you are faced with 4 TB of the same index, know the difference between setting up master nodes and client nodes, what is the load on the master nodes as opposed to the client nodes, etc.

Client : Genpect