Job Description :
Job Title: Data Engineer
Duration: Contract
Location: Atlanta, GA

Job Duties:
Thorough understanding of client’s business, ad tech, and data
Create solutions to transform data from various sources and load it into platforms such as Hadoop to create a data lake
Create and maintain transformations to summarize/aggregate data and load these so users can consume this data using various BI/Analytics tools.
Develop and maintain standards for administration and operation including the scheduling, running, monitoring, logging, management of errors, recovery from failures, and validation of outputs.
Contribute to the project planning process by estimating tasks and deliverables.
Work closely with Revenue Analytics team members to understand user requirements.
Be at the cutting edge of utilizing data about consumers in the media industry to improve audience experience.
Help out with complex analytical tasks.
Required Skills:
4+ years solid experience as a database developer in OLAP environment.
BS in computer science, math, physics or equivalent education/training/experience.
Experience with ETLs & Data Pipelines
Experience performing QC & cleaning up dirty data
Experience with "big data” platform such as Hadoop, NoSQL DBs or cloud based tools such as AmClienton Redshift.
Experienced and comfortable with Unix/Linux operating systems
Expert knowledge in SQL; knowledge of HiveQL, SparkQL, Postgress SQL a plus
Expert in Python and shell
Ability to work independently and take on projects
Experience with media, Web analytics and consumer data systems will be a plus.
Preference for prior technology or media company experience