Job Description :
C# Developer-


Years of Experience: 8 to 12 Years

Panel is ready for Interview: everyday 1 to 4 PST

Saturday: 1 to 4 PM PST

He / She Needs to have experience in security

Client will ask about Security and Authentication & Authorization.

Security means, how can you give access permissions on menus, pages, controls based on User Roll?

If the User Logs in, he should have some limited page access only. How will you construct the menu?

Where can you do setup the permissions to control the page URLs?

Primary Responsibilities • Develop n-tier WinForms and Web applications. WinForms, ASP.NET MVC, C# with knowledge on IIS • Stay current on best practices in IT technology, processes and applications, development and support. • Work effectively with team members on multi-person projects (including fellow developers, product managers, business subject matter experts and business owners Share knowledge and insight and provide constructive evaluation of coding and technical solutions. • Communicate clearly and effectively with business users and product managers to gather accurate requirements for new enhancements and applications Qualifications • Bachelor's degree in computer science or related fields, or equivalent experience. • 4+ years .NET Framework development experience. • Solid understanding of object-oriented design. • Ability to read and document technical requirements.