Job Description :
Job role: C++/Embedded engineer w/ bluetooth

As an embedded software engineer, you will be responsible for developing, implementing, and supporting software solutions that are required to design, develop and manufacture high-quality consumer products. You will have the opportunity to work directly with hardware designers, software developers, and test engineers to develop the product’s embedded code.

Position Focus:
Developing embedded software for new consumer electronics products.
Developing embedded software for new user experiences.
Investigating and integrating new technologies.
Responsibilities include problem definition, system architecture/design, algorithms, programming, integration, and testing.

Requires at least 7 years of experience with embedded systems, real time systems, C/C++, Python
Related development on sensors, UI design, and hardware/software integration
Good fundamental software development skills: working with APIs, leveraging existing code, developing modular, reusable code
Target KEY Experience - in Bluetooth, BLE, or other wireless protocols, battery management, digital audio systems, voice input systems