Job Description :
It’s a Tokenization project to improve data security and remove several applications from the scope of PCI.
As part of this project several applications are being modified.
One of the application is the home grown POS application. POS application is developed using C++.
The C++ developers will work on making required changes to POS application to replace fields like credit card number, PAN number etc. with a 28bit token.
The developers need to change C++ programs running on the NCR registers as well as the programs running the store server.
They need to test the changes on the POS registers set up in delivery center in Lorain, OH.
The project will be executed using agile model.
The developers will interact with tech lead, business analyst, QE and project manager on a daily basis.
The project scope involves analysis, design, development, testing.
The developers are expected to follow standards while working on this project.