Job Description :
· 10 + years Infrastructure Engineering or Applications Architecture across multiple disciplines

· Advanced level knowledge of multi cloud technologies, including the automated provisioning and management of these environments with emphasis on hybrid cloud deployment models

· IaC (Infrastructure as Code), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service Understanding of the features and capabilities of what a containerization technology can provide is key to being able to build a successful and good quality rapid deployment and support environment

· Advanced level of expertise and understanding of micro segmentation strategies, tagging and RBAC controls and access control structures in the cloud.

· Experience with multi cloud technologies and migration, understanding of application mapping

· Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, and Azure Container Service is a plus

· Design a disaster recovery strategy for individual workloads

· Develop framework for API integration

· Knowledge and expertise of implementing virtual machines in the cloud over SD Wan

technology with hybrid on premise data model.

· Extensive knowledge of cloud security toolsets MFA, Encryption Key vaults and native cloud

security technology in Azure and AWS.

· Experience configuring serverless computing

· Experience with Azure AD management including Federation Services preferred

· Strong understanding of configuration management and software deployment principles, such as Puppet, Ansible, Chef and Terraform.

· Expert level knowledge and experience with the implementation, optimization, automation, high-availability and management of infrastructure services

· Experience with design and provisioning through the use of cloud management and broker services (e.g. vRealize application blueprints, Cloudforms)

· Experience with deployment and engineering on demand workloads in the hybrid cloud model, and have a deep understanding of cloud billing, tagging strategy, show back and cost controls.

· Extensive experience with active scripting languages, including and especially PowerShell and Python.

· Experience with source control, configuration management and deployment systems, such as Git Lab, Jenkins, Puppet, Ansible

· Solution architecture certification of Azure, AWS preferred, and a plus.

· Experience with Windows and Linux and knowledge of middleware

· Experience with network principles and design

· Experience in the administration of storage/SAN, file, including forecasting, utilization, provisioning and redundancy

College degree in computer science or a related field preferred.