Job Description :
Job Details:
Java Developer
6 months
Albany, NY

- Analysis, design, coding, component and assembly testing of all application code owned by the Application Team
- Maintenance (including production support), enhancement and development work
- Write application software, data analysis, data access, data structures, data manipulation, databases, design, programming, testing and implementation, technical and user documentation, software conversions

Expert 84 Months:
Candidate is able to provide leadership of large teams and/or
extensive industry experience and is considered at the top of his/her field

1. 7+ yearsExperience with Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD), Object Oriented Systems and Design (OOSD) focusing primarily in Java.
2. 6+ year Experience advanced data querying with Sybase and Oracle.
3. 5+ years Experience creating database objects like Tables, Stored Procedures, Views, Indexes, Triggers, Cursors, user defined data types and ERD diagrams.
4. 6+ year Experience working with business analyst on new application development.
5. 3 months programming in CGI/Perl.
6. 5 years Experience managing/directing development teams or acting technical architect on a development team.
7. 6 years Experience working on financial/insurance applications.
8. Certifications in any of the following technologies: Java, .Net, Oracle, Sybase