Job Description :
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Title : Calypso Techno-Functional Consultant
Location : Springfield, MA

Calypso Senior Consultant – Techno-Functional
ESSENTIAL EXPERIENCE: Including: Education, technical knowledge, company/industry experience, IT knowledge, languages etc.

Strong knowledge of implementing OTCs on Calypso e.g. Credit Derivatives, Loan CDS, IRS, Equity OTCs, CFDs, FRAs, X-Currency Swaps, Repos, Bank Debt and syndicated loan products. Strong OTC Cross Asset Class knowledge.
Experience of implementing Pricing of OTCs on Calypso, with a solid grasp of the mathematical concepts and principles used in pricing, analysis, revaluation and models.
Strong knowledge of Calypso front-to-middle-to-back office APIs, including knowledge of custom workflow rules, custom scheduled tasks, custom reporting (Scenario Analysis extensions and reporting framework extensions), custom accounting function APIs (e.g., custom account attribute Strong knowledge of Calypso interactivity with 3rd-party market data providers (Bloomberg Static Data License, Bloomberg Server API, Reuters RFA, Reuters DataScope Select Ability to conceptualize technical design for various custom requirements, including messaging template customization, accounting customization, custom pricer measures, custom risk analysis, etc. Strong knowledge of existing Calypso messaging, configuration, and integration protocols and tools, including CML and CAM.
Strong knowledge of Calypso technology and API’s, including Data Server / Event Server interaction via RMI, APIs for product, trade, general reporting, workflow, accounting, transfer generation, message generation, documentation, message formatters, CML, etc.
Good understanding of development methodology.
Excellent communication skills are a must. You will need to be flexible in your approach, with the ability to shift focus in accordance with the demands of the business. A logical thought process is a key requirement for this position.
Duties & Responsibilities:
You participate in the definition and management of user requirements, perform impact analyses and propose optimal technical solutions that are in line with the Calypso architecture and functionalities. Understanding, communicating and delivering business requirements.
You work out solutions in configuration specifications and detailed functional designs for code customizations in close cooperation with the Calypso developers. Provide input on trade workflow and system design. Produce initial design and functional specifications
You support the development process by explaining the created designs, test plans and configuration specifications during the handover to the Developers and are available for questions during the development process.
You will work out the most appropriate solution for the client taking into account existing Calypso features, validate the development and supply the required support during acceptance tests and after the implementation
Test planning and execution of the Front-to-Back Office System - Calypso.
Provide the link between the business users and the development teams throughout the development lifecycle
Managing development workstreams to ensure that business requirements are delivered to agreed deadlines
Day-to-day management of change requests to ensure work is prioritized effectively
Provision and maintenance of support documentation

Client : Tackle Consulting