Job Description :


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Location – rosemead CA

( Remote for now)

Technical  Skills

Data Science

Machine Learning

Big Data Analytics






·          Strong experience in implementing machine learning algorithms as part of Predictive Analytics.

·          Should be well-versed with Supervised (Regression and Classification) and Unsupervised (Clustering) machine learning methods.

·          Ability to build Liner Regression and Logistic Regression models.

·          Familiar with techniques like Principal Component Analysis, Singular Value Decomposition for handling multicolinearity.

·          Experience in modelling using Support Vector Machines, Decision Trees and Random Forests.

·          Strong hands-on experience in performing data analysis using Python. Familiar with Python libraries like numpy, pandas, sklearn, seaborn, matplotlib, scipy, graphviz.

·          Strong knowledge and experience in generating plots and performing data analysis using Python.

·          Exposure to Inferential Statistics and Hypothesis testing.

·          Strong experience in Exploratory Data Analytics and knowledge / experience in CRISP-DM Framework will be useful.

·          Hands-on experience with data handling. capable of managing large volumes of data, extract, clean and comprehend.

·          Able to analyze data independently and draw out salient insights - contingent on the requirements of the project.

·          Developing comprehensible analytical solutions to solve business problems using domain knowledge, or statistical procedures depending on the requirements of the project.

·          Prefer candidates with Hadoop and PySpark knowledge and experience. Ability to perform big data analytics using PySpark.

·          Good to have – knowledge or experience using SAS analytics tool.

·          Good to have - knowledge or experience in developing or understanding of the load forecasting models used in SAS.


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