Job Description :
Technical, Hands-on Position which is Responsible for the Administration of the Google Computer Aided - Design (CAD Systems Cadence Concept, Allegro, Altium)
Oversee Management of CAD Functionality including User Interface Install, Configure and Implement Software Applications, Manage, Organize, Protect, Document and Fine Tune the Users Machines, Security and file Management Systems, Troubleshoot Software, Maintain SQL databases, Create, modify, Delete System

Must Have Skills:
Implement Engineering Related Software and Hardware Upgrades within Corporate Operating Mechanisms
Administers, Maintains and Evaluates CAD and Related System Software including License Servers and Maintenance
Standardize Installation and Configuration of Cadence Design Tools

Coordinates and/or performs software and operating system maintenance on CAD workstations and servers.
install, configure and implement software applications manage, organize, protect, document and fine tune the users machines, security and file management systems troubleshoot software
Maintain SQL Databases Create Modify Delete System End User Accounts Provide Technical Support to System End Users Provide End User Training
Manage CAD System Databases to Ensure Data Accuracy