Job Description :
1. Data Ingestion Technologies: Informatica Managed File Transfers, Apache Flume\Kafka
2. Data Processing Technologies: Scala running on Apache Spark.
3. Data Persistence: Apache Hadoop, HBase(main data store), Hive, Solr(full text search), Titan(graph database)
4. Data API and View API(microservices): Java , Spring Boot, Micro Services, Docker , Gradle, Splunk, Eureka, Ribbon, Spring Cloud Netflix .
5. Presentation Layer: Sales Force Dot Com ( hosted on Sales force Cloud)

Tech Lead Job Summary:
6. Technical Lead performs these activities:
- Understands, is able to convey, and ensures that the team is following at all times all of the architecture, standards, and good practices across the whole technical stack
- Participates in story grooming with the PO to ensure that stories are complete and written in a way that is realistic and short-duration
- Works with the architecture team for clarifications or changes to the architecture
- Ensures that communication on technical items is occurring well within the team as well as across other teams on the Insight program
- Develops integration and data flow documentation
- Key resource for removing any roadblocks that have a technical component
- Performs and/or ensures that code and design reviews are performed across all technical deliveries
- Ensures that technical documentation is consistent, complete, and accurate

Client : NA