Job Description :
Back End Tester
Des Moines, IA

Required Skills :
SQL, Selenium, Data testing Knowledge, Automation

Basic Qualifications :
Additional Skills :

Applicants must have 5+ years coding with MS SQL, SAS, or Oracle.
Overview of position:
Convert data approach to technical data mining. End up with a lot of data complexities
Write SQL, SAS or Oracle code to retrieve that data population; Then another round of reviews.
This is a QA role from a database perspective.
SAS Enterprise guide – most of the data retrievals are using transact/proc SQL.
Required skills:
5+ years coding with MS SQL, SAS, or Oracle
Experience with IT automation testing or database testing
Business analytics experience (read through documentation and identify specific requirements)
Quality Control and Quality assurance
IT background willing to work on the business side

Client : Buddha Tech