Job Description :
Sr. Net person (7-10 yrs exp) and get the matrix back to me as first step; anything missing or weak I drop them; then I put a list of .Net C# Azure questions myself from the internet that I use to do my screens.
They will need to pass a coding test:
Write a code to find a missing integer
Writing Unit test for the code they just wrote
Write a SQL statement
Write a C# to compare lists

Other things I learned-
they should have in depth knowledge of .Net internals; need to know what the code is doing!
Need strong interface knowledge memorized (meaning have interface memorized and not need to Google ideas)
MUST write unit test (TDD) out of habit for all code; Testing should be ingrained in a Sr. Dev and be habit
Should have code comments for code review; if they don’t big RED FLAG

Total process:

1. Jim Tech screen
2. Jim’s coding challenge
3. Verra coding challenge
4. Verra Go To Meeting (1-2 interviews depends on if everyone is available to speak at one time); my current candidate had a 2 hour technical interview and then a 1 hour informal interview

They need to be SENIOR developers with . Recent AZURE. No rate range but I may have some wiggle room if they knock the test out but I have someone I placed that scored perfectly They prefer face to face but will do Skype.

1-2 year duration!!!

You and your team need to screen all candidates over the phone prior to sending.
Kristie will then check your work to see how well you screened them and either she or I will send the test to your candidate.
MUST MUST MUST have AZURE SQL real and authentic experience!!!! They will be asked technical questions on this
If they don’t have real Azure Sql experience, do NOT submit.
4 openings. Non local is OK. Skype is OK for non locals.

I have attached a job description for my immediate needs with our teams Direct Client.