Job Description :
Title: AWS Developer
Location: Peoria, IL

Here are the skills needed

Primary Skills : AWS Certified Developer,AWS Lambda,CICD,automated testing,AWS Cloudwatch,Cloud practioner,Scala,AWS,C#,Java,python

Candidate Responsibilities The candidate should have a well-rounded development background with a focus on automated testing / CICD.

Education Requirement Bachelor''s Degree in computer science

Technical Skills Required Minimum of 2 years experience with AWS.

Experience w/ AWS Cloudwatch, AWS Lambda, AWS S3
Certified AWS Cloud practioner, AWS Certified Developer, and AWS Certified (proof of the certification)

2 year of experience with a combination of 2 or more code languages, Scala, Java, C#, and python.

Soft Skills Required Good communication skills
Ability to work in team
Ability to identify issues and speak up when needed.