Job Description :
Our client is in need of a Senior Project Manager to manage 2 separate projects. One project is Workday implementation and the other is an Oracle / Hyperion Planning (Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) project.

The Workday experience is our focus at this time.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
- Develop a plan to identify how the project scope will be defined, managed, validated and how the scope baseline will be controlled.
- Direct the development of a work breakdown structure; define project deliverables and associated activities & dependencies; oversee the effort to estimate the work effort.
- Develop and manage the project'' schedule baseline including invoking contingency plans and the periodic reporting of progress against the plan;
- Manage the development of cost estimates, project budget, and cost baseline; provide ongoing management of the project''s cost baseline.
- Plan human resource needs for the project; acquire & develop multi-skilled business and IT team members; implement Team building activities; manage team performance, including celebrating successes.
- Develop the project risk management plan; identify and analyze risks; determine risk responses and monitor risks throughout the project, invoke risk mitigation plans, as necessary
- Identify project stakeholders and develop a Stakeholder Management Plan that defines stakeholder expectations, information needs and how stakeholders will be engaged.
- Develop and implement a project communications plan that defines the roles, responsibilities, types, and periodicities of communications required (internal and external); monitor the effectiveness of project communications.
- Plan procurement; identify candidates to bid, establish selection criteria, solicit bids, evaluate bid responses, select bid winner, participate in contract negotiations & manage the contract.

Minimum Required Qualifications for Consideration:
- Resume must reflect the candidate''s role and responsibilities - not just the outcome of the project and how they benefitted the company.
- Candidate needs to be confident in their convictions and well throughout during the interview
- Candidates must take an aggressive approach to Project Management - don''t want for others to make things happen.
- Five years of project management experience.
- Bachelor''s Degree or an additional 3 years of project management experience
- Knowledge of and experience with plan driven software development methodologies (Agile/waterfall) 3 years.
- Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
- Ability to lead cross-functional teams, including various areas of Technical Services & the Business
- Demonstrated conflict management & negotiation skills
- Strong organizational skills
- Strong presentation skills
- Excellent problem solving and influencing skills.
- Ability to work with all levels of the organization
- Demonstrated proficiency with project scheduling tool (e.g., Microsoft Project)
- Demonstrated proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio