Job Description :
Vmware Admin,

Brooklyn, NY

6+ Months Contract

Phone + In-Person


 Design, Support VM and HPE Blade Servers infrastructure.
 Develop and support the general design of solutions that meet general system best practice requirements. Develop specifications for systems, hardware, and Virtual network configurations. Works with MIS staff (e.g. managers, senior programmers, support staff, product manager) to plan robust virtual infrastructure and implementation, enhancements and changes.
 Tests different VMware virtual machines and HPE Blade and ProLiant server platforms.

 Develop, implements, and monitors information technology, quality assurance standards, follows and maintains best practices.
 Performs day to day server provisioning, performance analysis, compatibility matrix between different hardware generations and different version of hypervisors.
 Develop System Documentation.
 Develop operational and installation procedures for communication systems, hardware, network, security, storage and software
 Develop detailed systems operations designs.
 Develop guidelines and upgrade techniques of new operational procedures for the support of Hardware Infrastructure, operating systems software, Hypervisor, network systems software, security and client server systems.
 Designs reports, audit trails/logs, performance matrix and charts.

Required Skills:

Minimum 7 Years Experience in understanding of the VMware Hypervisor, V-center server, DRS, V-motion, HA and Distributed Virtual Switches, physical to Virtual Migration.
 Minimum 7 Years Experience in ability to program/script in at least one, preferably two administrative languages, (Powershell Ability to identify tasks which should be automated and then write tools to automate them.
 Minimum 7 Years Experience in Strong understanding of integrating HP standalone and Blade servers with VMware. Hands on knowledge and understanding of HP''s best practices in hardware and firmware installation.
 Minimum 7 Years Experience in the ability to communicate effectively, on both technical and non-technical level, with appropriate Agency staff at all levels, as well as with vendors.
 Minimum 7 Years Experience in the ability to handle multiple projects and deadlines.
 Minimum 4 Years Intermediate to expert level understanding of HP C 7000 blade enclosures and HP standalone servers. Understanding of HP hardware and VMware design and integration.
 Minimum 4 Years Experience in understanding of networking/distributed Virtual Switches, understanding the principals of routing, shared hosted environment, and the design of consistent network wide file systems.

Desired Skills
 4 Years Hands on knowledge of V-cloud suite.
 4 Years Knowledge of VDI, Horizon, VMware Mirage.