Job Description :

Initiate development of production strategy, including client-side technical specs, functional specs and production specs. 
Implement advanced JavaScript, Advanced LESS/SASS concepts, jQuery & jQuery UI, Underscore.js, Kendo, Highcharts (or other charting frameworks), MVC .NET & Razor, HTML5, XHTML, CSS, client-side scripting and/or other application programming for interactive projects.
Ability to clearly communicate with an Application Developer. How data should be passed between client side and server side, and then taking backend methods and wiring them up to strongly typed models or passing them into JavaScript properly
Analyze project objectives and available resources to prescribe appropriate technologies and techniques.
Organize the design of project functionality, architecture, UI, content and navigation, while visually integrating and enhancing elements associated with the client-side development.
Help to develop and establish goals and timelines, review progress, and problem solving with the team.
Document technical design and testing scripts.
Coordinate project activity with Project Management, Visual Design, Technical Team, and Application Development in all stages of development while keep team informed of status involving schedule, budget and client code quality.
Independently make decisions for the team when necessary and show leadership to support and direct the implementation of those decisions.
Stay current on interactive development techniques and software tools.
React to change productively and handle other essential functions as assigned.


Four (4) year college degree or training in interactive programming and website development or equivalent work experience; four (4) years of experience in interactive development or equivalent skill level.

Must have Skills 

Advanced JavaScript knowledge: experience with libraries such as Underscore.js or Moment.js, dependency management, Typescript and Angular 2 experience is a plus, familiarity with terms such as prototypal inheritance and OOP in JavaScript
Advanced LESS/SASS concepts: guarded mixins, integrating 3rd party libraries like Bootstrap with your project and properly customizing 3rd party libraries, mobile first media queries that are clearly defined
Mobile first responsive design
Able to effectively interpret business requirements and information design and accurately translate the project scope while coordinating efforts between client-side and server-side teams.
Expert in the capabilities of browsers and development constraints of the Web and other interactive media.
Skilled in enhancing web production through advanced web development platforms.
Can solve development problems through the use of innovative web development techniques and help guide the team towards the successful implementation of such solutions.
Strong knowledge of information design
Knowledgeable with appropriate server -side languages with emphasis on MVC. NET and Java