Job Description :
Job: Sr .Net Developer MVC (Strong)

Location: Miami, FL


General Programming Knowledge

Solid experience using OOP and Design Patterns.

Solid experience developing APIs following the SOLID, DRY, and YAGNI principles.

Strong understanding of TDD.

Strong experience using SQL.

Strong understanding of the HTTP protocol.

Solid experience developing and consuming RESTful services.

.NET Framework.

Solid experience with the C# language.

Solid experience using the Base Class Library.

Solid experience using WCF.

Solid experience using ADO.NET and Entity Framework.

ASP.NET Framework.

Solid experience developing web applications using ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET WebAPI.

Solid experience with State Management using TempData, Session, Cache, and Cookies.

Strong understanding of the extensibility points of the framework: HTTP Handlers, HTTP Modules, Action Results, Model Binding, Action Filters, etc.

Strong understanding of OWASP Top 10 Project, how ASP.NET helps mitigate risks and where it falls short. 

Web Development.

Excellent understanding of the foundational technologies of the web: HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Solid experience taking wireframes and translating them into HTML/CSS.

Versatile in different Javascript framework/libraries like: React, Angular and jQuery.

Strong understanding of web optimization techniques to reduce page load time.

Strong experience working with AJAX/JSON.

Strong experience working with technologies like: SCSS and Typescript.

Strong understanding of modern client side build systems using node.js and NPM.

Significant focus in designing and planning implementing new features and resolution of production issues, maintaining effective communication with technical lead, scrum master immediate team and supervisor. • Write the programming code, either from scratch or by adapting existing website software to meet business requirements. • Test the website and identify any technical problems. • Be aware of international web standards and protocols. • Be able to multitask. • Develop own technical goals and work with supervisor to achieve them. • Ensure SDM and SCRUM methodologies are followed. • Promote and provide environment for feedback, team communication and innovation. • Initiate, manage and ensure completion of special projects. • Timely escalations of issues and impediments to relevant hierarchy following established guidelines.