Job Description :
Job Description:

Two positions, one in Seattle and one in Burbank.
Majority of the team is in LA
Looking to grow the team in Seattle
If you sit in Seattle, there will be lots of Blue Jeans meetings
Working towards a more flexible work schedule and environment

MWF in office
Tuesday/Thursday work from home

Cannot support a full-time work from home


Sr SRE phone screen round 1
On-site interview round 2 in Burbank or Seattle BUT they’re open to interviewing 2nd round via Blue Jeans if they’re relocating.
In-person portion there might be whiteboarding

The Role:

Mid-level to Senior system reliability engineers

Other terms: DevOps/Systems Engineer

3-4 years of experience if they have a great resume – typically 6 years of experience
Somebody who is proficient with mostly Linux, small percentage Windows –80/20 - 90/10
Senior experience with Linux is a must
Any Windows is a nice to have 
Someone who’s been working Linux in a web/ e-commerce or large-scale environment.
Large scale/high volume environment

Tech stacks:

Java tomcat on Linux or windows is what they’re looking for
PHP apps sometimes
High volume website on a large scale is what they’re looking for
AWS experience required – other cloud experience is okay – i.e. Azure
Any training or certs in AWS will work
Good to know how to manage/deploy source code
Chef or Terraform – important to have
Jenkins or something comparable is fine
GitHub or GitLab

Projects such as Disneyland Paris and security watch websites
Communication is highly important

Personality + tech skills