Job Description :
Job Title: Content Analyst Location: Atlanta, GA 30319 Interview Process: Phone/WebEx Required Skills: Content Analyst: Blue Yonder CKB: Data analysis: VLOOKUP: Pivot Tables: A e Analytics: Top 5 Skills / Additional Job Posting Description Details * 1. Proficient in Blue Yonder CKB, Floor plan and Space Planning modules. 2. Excellent Microsoft Excel skills. 3. Excellent data analysis. 4. Manage workload to meet deadlines. 5. Attention to detail. Overall Purpose: Content Analyst is self-motivated, curious, and passionate about People, culture, technology, collaboration, and innovation - all of which energize and Inspire you to create experiences that make the user experience better. Roles and Responsibilities: 1) Practice strategic execution: You understand your requests, their Deadlines, how they relate to both customer needs AND business goals. 2) Handle Multiple large-scale initiatives with minimal oversight, prioritizing them accordingly And taking ownership of their completion. 3) Understand data. Know how, when, and Where data is captured, and you know when that data can be used to best serve the Customer. 4) Understand technology, Must be familiar with Blue Yonder (formerly JDA) Category Knowledge Base, Space Planning and Floor Planning software. 5)Experienced with Microsoft Excel including VLOOKUP, PIVOT TABLES and other data Management/analysis/reporting functionality. 6) Ability to work with various and diverse groups to learn this role while working remotely is going to be key to your Success.

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