Job Description :
Demonstrated proficiency in the use of Microsoft 365 products including but not limited to:

           MS Word 2013

           MS Excel 2013

           MS PowerPoint 2013

           MS SharePoint 2013


1.     Assist in preparing  deliverables for the Ohio MMIS Support Services Project as directed by the Project Manager

2.     Capture meeting minutes including attendance in the prescribed CSG formats

3.     Prepare project documents as directed by the CSG Project Manager in the prescribed CSG formats

4.     Assist in preparing Training Materials for use in JAD sessions and Requirements Gathering Sessions

5.     Assist in scheduling and preparing for meetings and maintain the calendar of events for the project

6.     Assist in document development for CMS artifacts

7.     The ability to edit and accurately complete deliverables from a consistent grammar, punctuation, style, and layout perspective

Preference will be given to candidates who have:

             Prior Medicaid or agencies and/or procurement experience

             Experience with MS Visio

             Any Medicaid or MITA experience