Job Description :
Job Title: UI Architect (Angular, React)

Location: West Chester, PA

Duration: Contract (6+ months)

Mode of interview : Phone and Skype ( Preferably In-Person for local )

Job Description:

Collaborates with business owners and technical teams to gather and analyze business requirements, design and document solutions, and facilitate and validate the delivery of high performing customer and employee facing enterprise applications. Participates in the front-end architectural vision and strategy for web and mobile applications and provides expertise on front-end challenges and best practices. Assist development teams across the domain through their UI development journey. This is a lead role and provides ample opportunity to lead by example with proof of concepts, reference implementations and supporting architectural guides in addition to presenting and evangelizing this work.

Major Duties:

·         Work with other UI architects on designing, establishing, and growing the UI platform on which applications are built and promoting platform ideas and concepts across multiple application delivery teams.

·         Works closely with Product Owners, Application Architects and Technical Leads to provide guidance and participate in implementation of front-end solutions that demonstrate best in class user experiences.

·         Provides strong technical leadership and expertise on delivering and influencing adoption of reusable UI components and template driven designs using web components, micro-front ends and other advanced techniques.

·         Develops solutions that are well engineered, flexible, resilient, operable, maintainable, and can be delivered on schedule. Ensures a balance between tactical and strategic technology solutions.

·         Actively participates in both internal and external front-end development communities, relentlessly staying up to date on new software technologies and best practices and shares insights with others in the organization.

·         Contributes on white papers, guides, how-to’s, and other technical documentation that clearly explains architectural vision, promotes technical direction, and serves as a reference for the UI developer community.

·         Works on multiple projects within an Agile/Scrum team in accordance with business priorities.

·         Complies with all established procedures and policies of Comcast.

·         Other functions that may be assigned.

·         Punctual, regular, and consistent attendance.

Skills and Experience

·         Experience in software development working on enterprise-class web applications

·         Experience working on front-end development

·         Strong working knowledge with the following technologies / products / methodologies:

·         Enterprise class, highly available and performant web and mobile applications

·         Expert on Javascript, DOM, CSS technologies and browser differences

·         Angular, React, Polymer and other front-end frameworks – multiple preferred

·         UI sharing: Web Components, Micro-frontends, Control/Pattern libraries and tools

·         State management: Flux, Redux, NGRX and related patterns

·         Packaging and bundling technologies and library management tools

·         Performance analysis and web optimization - being respectful of a user’s device

·         UX success factors – accessibility, usability and aesthetics

·         .NET and Linux based solutions that run on premises and in the cloud

·         Server-side: micro-services, CDNs, data caches and stores

·         Agile SDLC – Scrum preferred

·         Strong communication and interpersonal skills required. Ability to promote and influence direction on how to best solve business and technical problems.

·         Experience in a Cable, Telecom, or a Media company a plus

Candidates’ Questions asked during Client interview:

·         Have you got any experience building sharable components (components that are built in some framework, for example, angular but will be hosted in an app which will be built in different framework for example react. These are also known as web components)

·         Have you worked on angular elements (I have no experience on it. She explained me angular elements is the one that can be used to create above type of components in angular)

·         How would you architect a web component solution. I explained her using my experience. She asked me if I used any tool for functional documentation but I worked with Word-based function documents

·         She also asked me if I give you a requirement how will you go about delivering that. Again in case of sharable components. I explained my strategy. Functional requirements to interface mapping, performance strategies, to development and unit testing and building and deployment. I didn''t have experience on the deployment side.

·         Conversation with Jerry was mostly on what project is about, what they are looking for and what my skill sets are in HTML, Javascript, CSS. But those were just enquiry questions.