Job Description :
Key Responsibilities: 
Understands, is able to convey, and ensures that the team is following at all times all of the MetLife architecture, standards, and good practices across the whole technical stack. 
Participates in story grooming with the PO to ensure that stories are complete and written in a way that is realistic and short-duration 
Works with the MetLife architecture team for clarifications or changes to the architecture 
Ensures that communication on technical items is occurring well within the team as well as across other teams on the Insight program and with the MetLife Data Hub team 
Develops integration and data flow documentation 
Key resource for removing any roadblocks that have a technical component 
Performs and/or ensures that code and design reviews are performed across all technical deliveries, in conjunction with the MetLife architecture and MetLife Data Hub team 
Ensures that technical documentation required by MetLife is consistent, complete, and accurate 

Required Capabilities/Traits 

Tech Lead must have these traits/capabilities to be successful : 
Very sharp technically across Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, API, and UI technical technologies 
Hands-on experience 
Able to quickly identify issues before they become roadblocks on the project 
Very strong communicator, including the ability to convey complex technical topics to non-technical individuals. 
Servant leader - encourages and inspires the team, not a dictator, not a finger-pointer - the team succeeds or fails together