Job Description :
Hadoop Admin

Location : East Hanover, NJ

Duration : long term Contract

The typical responsibilities of a Hadoop admin include deploying a hadoop cluster maintaining a hadoop cluster adding and removing nodes using cluster monitoring tools like Ganglia Nagios or Cloudera Manager configuring the Name Node high availability and keeping a track of all the running hadoop jobs

Implementing managing and administering the overall hadoop infrastructure

Takes care of the daytoday running of Hadoop clustersA hadoop administrator will have to work closely with the database team network team BI team and application teams to make sure that all the big data applications are highly available and performing as expected

If working with open source Apache Distribution then hadoop admins have to manually setup all the configurations CoreSite HDFSSite YARNSite and Map RedSite However when working with popular hadoop distribution like Hortonworks Cloudera or MapR the configuration files are setup on startup and the hadoop admin need not configu