Job Description :
Title- Database/Data Warehouse ETL developer
Location- MN

What Project/Projects will the candidate be working on while on assignment

Enterprise Data warehouse/Data Mart/Presentation Layer build for Polaris Cirrus Program include Fully Insured and ASO.

Is this person a sole contributor or part of a team
Sole Contributor also lead the offshore team.

If so, please describe the team (Name of team, size of team, etc

Beemer/Tesla Scrum team under UAH Polaris program.

What are the top 5-10 responsibilities for this position (Please be detailed as to what the candidate is expected to do or complete on a daily basis)

Design, Develop ETL code using STM (source to Target ) mapping
Create and update Agile user stories.
Perform the RCA on production issues
Developer Operational documentation
Interact business in gather requirements
Support SIT, UAT and Deployment activities
Developer, design document, Operation run guides, Standard Operating Procedures.
Test and Developer Unit testing documents

What software tools/skills are needed to perform these daily responsibilities

? Strong ETL experience 5-6 years using IBM Datastage V7 or higher
? Strong knowledge on Teradata architecture and loading utilities like TPT, TEQ, FLOAD and MLOAD
? Strong SQL writing ability and data analysis skills
? Unix commands and shell scripting
Strong Data warehouse skills
MySQL database experience
Python and Perl experience

What skills/attributes are a must have

Database, SQL, Python, Perl and Problem solving,
Data warehouse
Health care

What skills/attributes are nice to have

Big Data

Where is the work to be performed (Please list preferred Client facility, if other please specify i.e. remote work, rural, etc

Technology Drive, Eden Prairie.

What are the work hours (ex. 9am-5pm, day/night shifts, rotating shifts, etc)

8 AM to 5 PM.

What type of interview process is preferred (Face to face, phone, Skype, or a combination of the three)