Job Description :
Title: Java Developer ( Java 8 )

Location: Austin, TX

Duration: 24+ Months contract

Note: Real time experience is required in Java8. Client will give online test on Java8 in the final interview.

Primarily a Core Java Developer with Java8.

Required Skills:

Must have 5+ years of hands on experience with Java8+ programming language.
Extensive knowledge of Java 8 Lambda, Streams, Optional and other Functional interfaces.
Experience designing software using Functional and Object-Oriented Application Design Paradigms.
Experience developing cloud native microservices.
Familiarity with Openshift or Kubernetes environments for deployment.
Experience working with Play and Akka Framework using TDD (Test Driven Design) methodology.
Basic knowledge of how SBT build tool work.
Knowledge of how Dependency Injection works and preferably have experience using Guice framework.
Experience developing Restful APIs / Stateless Applications
Proficient in NOSQL database technologies.
Preferably have some experience working with Couchbase database but not required.
Familiarity with Agile/Scrum, Jira, Confluence are other DevOps tools.