Job Description :
The successful candidate will have:

1.      B.S. in Computer Science preferred

2.      Minimum 3+ (or 5+ years of experience using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, SQL, C#, and REST services

3.      Experience with developing medium-large scale browser-based JavaScript applications

Job Details

1.      3+ (or 5+ years of MEAN stack development experience

2.      Must have strong experience with MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Node, Express), and jQuery

3.      Experience building RESTful APIs

4.      Experience with data representation with JSON or XML

5.      Proven expertise in developing creative UI using JavaScript, jQuery, HTML/CSS and modern JS frameworks like Angular2

6.      Eliciting, finalizing, and following through on project specifications

7.      Expertise with large databases, caching, and search using tools such as NoSQL, MySQL, Mongo DB

8.      Experience with distributed and layered applications

9.      Exposure to automated testing and deployment cycles

10.   Experience working in a AWS/Google cloud environment and use of other AWS services

11.   Source control tools including Git and the Atlassian suite

12.   Experience unit testing for small to medium complex projects.

13.   We are looking for someone who thinks critically, sees the whole picture, is willing to learning the latest technologies, collaborates well cross-functionally and has excellent communication skills