Job Description :
Title: Cloud Architect

Location: Salt Lake City Utah

Duration: 6+ Months

Must Have Skills: Cloud Architect, Terraform/Cloud Formation, AWS, Jenkins, BitBucket/Git, Configuration Management tool like saltstack, Ansible etc

Desired Skills: Octopus Deploy/SonarQube/JIRA/ELK/Splunk/New Relic

Will there be client interview (Yes/No): YES

Job Roles / Responsibilities:

Define and establish AWS resources to be created for application environment
Create Code as Configuration (CaC) plan for application, environment using SaltStack (or Similar tech)
Configure Infrastructure as Code for application environment leveraging either Terraform or CloudFormation
Configure Continuous Deployment/Automated Deployment Templates based on application tech stack
Establish Deployment Best Practices (For Ex: Build once & deploy multiple, Role based deployment to all environments (including controlled environment ex : production
Deployment Orchestrator Integration with ITSM for Controlled Environment Deployments
Binary repository integration with Continuous Deployments/Automated Deployments.
Collaborate with client to explore DB Deployments and finalize followed by implementation of DB Deployment tools/technology

Best Regards,

Anuj Bhatnagar

Delivery Manager

ReqRoute, Inc.
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