Job Description :
Position: FullStack Web Application Developer

Duration: Contract

Location: NYC, NY

Position Overview:

Technical Architecture and Requirements

Create and deploy a full stack web application with user authentication and protected API routes as outlined in Milestone 1 below. The purpose of this application will be to put the foundation in place for quick iterations as grouped in subsequent milestones.

The technologies that will be used include but are not limited to the following:

Dedupe Library
Serverless/AWS Lamdba’s
React / Redux
Netlify (client app deployment)

Milestones & Deliverables

Deliver the following list as part of Milestone 1 deliverables:

Deliverables for (Milestone 1 - est. 90 hours)

Identify 100k) records of identity data from client  ?
Share data with developer in secure fashion
Explore and observe data ?
Install dedupe Python library locally ?
Ensure working as expected with sample data ?
Load client data provided ?
Attempt to create clusters independent of CWID assignment ?
Re-run, adjusting precision/recall ratio ?
Assess performance ?
Document the process so this work is repeatable as possible. This should include:

install and configure the library ?
instructions on how to load the originally supplied data set ?

A high level architectural diagram of how an ideal system would look with this library deployed ?in an AWS production environment with the ability to consume and process new incoming data. ?

Security procedures:

As per discussion with Paul, the intention is to NOT encrypt the data at rest. However, the data will be stored on a developer''s local machine, and that machine has encryption and is password-protected. Upon completion of contract, data will reliably be destroyed. Willing to adjust security protocols as requested.


Web Application Features (Milestone 2 - est. TBD)

Create AWS Serverless/Lambda’s with authenticated endpoints through API gateway

One set of CRUD routes for API architecture ?
Deploy and connect react client app ?

Initial DB schema design with DynamoDB ?

a. This will include a sample set of data provided by Client sufficient to demo the initial

features described here

Setup, config, design, and deployment of Client with Basic Read Only UI (React/Redux)

Search and search results UI ?
Matches table UI - (matching logic will be very basic) ?
Individual Person record detail view ?

Simple Auth - AWS Cognito for API routes and App logic ?
Custom Domain with SSL Encryption ?
Move AWS infrastructure to Cornell accounts (AWS, etc) ?
Update Data model and DB tables (if needed) and seed with full data set ?
Implement the sophisticated Master Canonical/System Computed/Overall record rules. ?
Implement re-assigning, creating, and retiring CWID UI ?
Improve and expand UI where needed. ?
Create basic test suite for API routes and other key functionality ?
Swagger Documentation for API ?

Web Application Features (Milestone 3 - est. TBD)

Integrate existing SAML / Single Sign on
Improve on critical features and business logic
Polish UI?
Improve performance / optimize queries
Other - TBD


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