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System Admin Jobs in Alaska

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A Quick Analysis Of The Systems Administrator Job Industry In Alaska

Known as The Last Frontier, the state of Alaska derives its name from the Aleut language. Alaska means "great land" and true to its meaning, the state is one of the most beautiful places on earth with diverse flora and fauna inhabiting its spectacular landscapes.Check out promising IT job listings in Alaska, AK . It is interesting to note that Alaska does not levy sales tax or individual income taxes. The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, instead, provides every Alaskan with annual payments. The Alaskan economy has been in recession for a few years now. The cost of living is higher than most states, and food prices are costly, given the limited transportation infrastructure. Where technology is concerned, most companies rely on IT networks for crucial daily operations. Hospitals in the state take advantage of the IT services to coordinate patient care and medical records. Embedded systems are widely used in Alaska Regional Hospital’s electronic medical record system. The state’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development puts the unemployment rate at 6.2%, with jobs increasing by 0.4%. There is a 4.8% overall growth of wages in the private sector. The Alaska Chamber represents hundreds of businesses from Ketchikan to Barrow.

Detailed Insight Into The Systems Administrator Skill Job Prerequisites

A system administrator is an IT expert who is responsible for supporting, assisting, and maintaining an organization’s computer systems, databases, servers, etc. Big organizations employ full-time systems administrators, and smaller businesses may opt to outsource the sys admin tasks. Their skill requirements are as follows: 1. Knowledge of MS Windows and Linux administration. 2. Proficiency in scripting like PowerShell. 3. Experience with Linux OS 4. Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) or similar certifications. 5. Experience with Vulnerability Management Systems 6. Experience with Cisco ASA firewall technology and Cisco switching and routing.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of A Systems Administrator Candidate

1. Maintains servers such as file servers and VPN gateways. 2. Assigns routing protocols and routing table configurations. 3. Ensures upgraded security by installing firewalls. 4. Maintains network connectivity in a LAN or WAN environment. 5. Analyzes and modifies system’s performance as per requirements. 6. Performs research and recommends system software and hardware. 7. Documents and compiles records regarding production and maintenance.

Salary Scale Of A Systems Administrator Candidate In Alaska

Alaska has plenty of full-time job openings. At the entry-level, network admins earn a minimum of $47,000. Mid-level admin jobs pay a minimum of $57,000. See more System Administrator jobs in US .
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