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Uniqsoft Inc Uniqsoft Inc
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Job Title :.NET Developer Location :Houston ( Remote) This position is now open for remote working consultants but the consultant will have to relocate to Houston once the pandemic situation becomes normal. Bill Rate: $65.00/hr All Inclusive Job Description: JOB RESPONSIBILITIES Design, develop, test, implement and support range of applications including UI and APIs for platform applications Identify potential problems and recommend solutions to the most complex data design scenarios Provide estimates, deliver well documented program code and prep More...

Alaska Information Technology Job Industry Overview

Alaska, a US state in the northwestern part of the country, is the largest state in the country by area. Due to its extreme weather conditions and rough terrain, it is the most sparsely populated state in the country. The population is estimated to be around 800,000 and almost half of the people live around the Anchorage Metropolitan Area. Information technology jobs in Alaska are mostly a part of its manufacturing sector. Alaska is not far behind in terms of industrial statistics. The state ranks 10th in per capita income when compared to other states in the US. The median household income comes around $77000, and the median tech wages are 61% more than the national average. Per capita income comes around $31,000. There are 4.4 tech jobs in Alaska per 1000 people in the state. Alaska ranks 37th in the US for the percentage of the workforce in tech jobs. That would be about 5.5% of the total tech workforce in the US. Innovation ranking shows the innovative capability of the country and Alaska ranks 51st. The tech job postings in the state are around 4.4k. Also, the tech industry has contributed to the economy of approximately 2 billion, or about 4.5 percent of the total Alaska economy. Check out promising Project Manager Jobs in Alaska, Java Jobs in Alaska, SAP Jobs in Alaska.

IT Job Trends In Alaska

Alaska is bordered by the Canadian province, British Columbia, Yukon, Attu islands. It also shares a maritime border with Russia. The economy is mostly dependent on fishing, natural gas, and the oil industry. The Alaska Chamber and the Department of Labor have initiated the growth of Information Technology in the state. It has net tech industry employment of 10.7k and net tech occupation jobs are around 12.8k. Telecommunications and networking have been the mainstay as most of the other industries depend on a secure and reliable IT network for their day to day operations.

Trending IT Jobs In Alaska

The leading tech occupation job in Alaska is the Network Architects, Admins & Support staff. Systems & Cyber Security Analysts are at rank 2 followed by Web and Software developer job. Computer Support Specialist is at rank 4 while Database administration comes in 5th position. The leading tech industry in the state is the Engineering, R&D and Testing Services followed by Telecommunications and Internet Services. Both the industry is having a negative growth but the telecommunications sector is expected to improve its position in the future. This is followed by IT Services and Custom Software Services at rank 3. Tech manufacturing and Software (Packaged) may not be a booming industry right with a negligible number of people working in the industry.

IT Job Payscale In Alaska

The average salary for a tech job in Alaska is around $61380 pa. The highest-paid tech job in Alaska is the job of IT Specialist in Networks and Cybersecurity. Their minimum salary is mostly above the average salary of the state, which is $75k. The minimum salary at an entry-level will be around $19500 and goes till $140,500 at the senior level. Tech job in Alaska will fetch you an annual income in the range of $33,500 to $78,000. Alaska is at rank 12 in the country for technology job salaries.

Best places for IT jobs in Alaska

In Alaska, Anchorage is the best place to get an IT job. It has a total of 1300 IT job openings. Fairbanks closes in at second place with around 500 job openings. Juneau, Sitka, and Wasilla follow with around 150 job postings. Places with the least number of job postings are Kodiak, Soldotna and Eagle River.
IT Employment Rates in Alaska
Future employment in technology is bright and quite active. In emerging technology, Alaska has a 204% rise in job openings. This includes digital media, augmented reality, virtual reality, drones and the Internet of Things. Startups are sprouting and the best of the lot are Spacemesh, Indemnis, and Quick Cup. Entry-level jobs are more in demand followed by mid-level and senior level. Best employers of it jobs in Alaska include Chanok Studios, Jack Sublime Branding & Design, Arctic Pixel, Alaska Merchant, and Perceptive Creative. Software companies in Alaska include SanComp IT Services LLC, Business Application Developers, and TMD Consultants LLC. Search for exciting Tech jobs from other US states and cities.
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