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QA Testing Job Openings in South Dakota

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A Quick Analysis Of The QA Testing Job Industry In South Dakota

The state of South Dakota is the 5th least populated state in the U.S with a total population of 882,235 as per the 2018 census count. The state is also known as Mount Rushmore State on account of the famous Mount Rushmore National Park in the Black Hills. The capital is Pierre and Sioux is the largest city.Browse Tech job listings in South Dakota, SD . Previously dominated by an agricultural economy, South Dakota is diversifying to service, healthcare, finance, and tourism sectors to attract investment and improve job opportunities. The state is also making slow but steady progress in the tech sector with a $2 billion economic input every year. The South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation are reliable sources of support for the state’s business community and labor force, respectively. The leading tech industry sectors in South Dakota are Engineering, R&D, and testing services, while network architects and administrators take the lead in the tech occupation jobs. The state’s tech workforce constitutes 4.7% of the total workforce.

Detailed Insight Into The QA Testing Skill Job Prerequisites

Additionally known by the designations of QA engineers or QA technicians, QA testers are responsible for subjecting new software products through a routine of tests to identify and eliminate defects. The soft skills they require are strong analytical and logical thinking, excellent communication skills, organizational planning, and exceptional troubleshooting talent. Of the technical requirements, it is mandatory to have a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of defect management tools. Certifications from Quality Assurance International and American Society for Quality will look attractive on their resume. Knowledge of Java and C# is necessary. Proficiency in database management systems is essential to write queries and upgrade the database after debugging.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of A QA Testing Candidate

QA engineers are responsible for a multitude of tasks. One of the main tasks is to apply various tests on software products and do a thorough checking and re-checking to ensure they are defect-free. Testers require the insight to think out problem scenarios and subject the product to those scenarios for bug identification. It is also the prime responsibility of the QA technician to document and report all defect details and use them in further testing procedures. By assisting software developers, QA testers involve themselves in the early process of software development to assess and resolve potential risks.

Salary Scale Of A QA Testing Candidate In South Dakota

The median annual salary for a QA tester will generally be within the range of $58,300 to $106,860 depending on experience, skills, and qualifications. Spot some of the most desired Entry Level QA Testing jobs in US .
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