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Suncap Technology Inc Suncap Technology Inc
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Job Title: Senior Technology Analyst Location: Puerto Rico Duration: 6 Month Job Description Client is a newly formed entity that brings unlimited possibility to grow and realize ones full potential. We only seek those who are willing to embed themselves in a fast-paced environment that is full of extremely high performing individuals, operating at an expert level in their areas of ownership. There are little-to-no overlapping capabilities, so each employee is expected to independently operate their vertical and create overall horizontal value to the firm. Thi More...

A Quick Analysis Of The Information Technology Job Industry In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, a state of the U.S, is an archipelago. It is situated in a part of the Carribean sea, which is about 1000 miles away from Florida. Puerto Rico is a Spanish name meaning rich port. It is typically an island, and its land cover is mostly mountainous. The state is surrounded by coastal areas in the north and south. San Juan, the capital city of the state is a widely popular metropolitan city. Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce aims for the economic development of the state by encouraging entrepreneurs towards the global economy.Apply for top IT jobs in Puerto rico, PR . Tourism, Finance, and Service industries mainly contribute to the economy of the state. The state is the leading importer of computer and electronic products. Highly experienced and skilled IT consultants are available in the state of Puerto Rico. The software developers' growth rate is estimated to be about 40% in the future. The state dominates in tech outsourcing services. The initiative of the government to establish new tech startups in the state would eventually create new tech job openings.

Detailed Insight Into The Project Management Job Prerequisites

Companies related to healthcare, insurance, finance, marketing, and several others recruit project managers for managing their projects with great expertise. Project managers must be skilled enough to communicate their thoughts and ideas to others. They must possess strong presentation skills. Project managers should play a role of an effective team leader. They must have prior experience in handling technical and non-technical issues. Multitaskers can become highly successful project managers.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of A Project Manager

Project managers must be able to convert the unique ideas into an executable plan. They are responsible for the successful execution of the project. It is important that project managers complete the project with the available workforce. Risk management is a primary job responsibility of the project managers. They offer guidance on the technical feasibility of the project. They must make use of the right tools for measuring the performance of the project.

Salary Scale Of Project Manager In Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, the salary of a project manager who takes up a functional job is about $92,000-$119,000. The salary of project managers varies based on the size of the company. Certifications in project management can increase the salary of project managers by nearly 20%. Spot some of the most desired Senior Project Manager jobs in US .
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