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KRG Technologies Inc KRG Technologies Inc
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Job Title: Mainframe Lead Location: Hartford – CT (Initially Remote But After Pandemic It’s On-Site) Roles & Responsibilities Ensure outcomes are SMART (specific measurable achievable realistic and timely) Ensure Cognizant’s role in achieving the desired outcomes is well understood and agreed upon by all parties Ensure Cognizant’s role in achieving the desired outcomes is well understood and agreed upon by all parties Identify risks impacts and proposed mitigation actions for the initial state delivery operating model in terms of possible effect on quality ef More...

A Quick Analysis Of The Mainframe Job Industry In Connecticut

One of the most densely populated states in the US, Connecticut, is also known as the Land of Steady Habits and the Constitution State. Slowly transforming into a hub for information technology companies, 6.5 % of Connecticut’s economy is thanks to the tech industry. The technology firms contribute over USD 16 Billion each year to the state’s economy. At the heart of this digital charge is Hartford, the capital of Connecticut and home to Infosys’ regional hub. The company alone is set to add over one thousand jobs to the capital in the next three years. Also called the Insurance Capital of the World, because it was the first city to offer car insurance, Hartford is not the only place in the state for IT jobs. The Connecticut Department Of Labor says that the southern coast of the state is springing up to be the start-up core. New Haven is one of the cities that delivers a lot of opportunities in the IT field.Browse Tech job listings in Connecticut, CT . When it comes to compensation, the tech sector delivers a decent average salary. In a year, the state’s IT works earn about $109,000, which is much higher than the average compensation of the entire country.

Detailed Insight Into Mainframe Skill Job Prerequisites in Connecticut

Bigger than mini computers, but smaller than supercomputers, Mainframes are critical for businesses. While they are not used for complex calculations, they do store massive amounts of data and are employed to process this data. Therefore, any candidate who hopes to play a critical role in a company’s endeavor to attain and maintain digital agility needs to be mainframe literate. The basic skill required is the ability to work with all types of enterprise platforms.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of A Mainframe Candidate in Connecticut

The responsibilities that come with a Mainframe job depend upon the position, but most commonly they include: • Integrating the system on the allotted software project.
• Acting as the manager/lead for allocated projects.
• Write technical specification documents (TSDs) for each project.
• Develop standards to make sure that all the projects within the system function effectively.
Salary Scale Of Mainframe Jobs In Connecticut
The average salary a mainframe developer earns annually is around $92,850. Entry-level mainframe candidates can get compensation of as low as $18,500, while experienced developers can make as high as $128,700 per year. Check out promising Mainframe Consultant jobs waiting for you .
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