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Handbook on Database Administrator Jobs : Overview on IT job Industry In Alaska

The most well-known nicknames of Alaska include the Land of the Midnight Sun and the Last Frontier for apparent reasons. The one moniker few know of is the Rentier State. It is so-called because Alaska’s economy depends heavily on renting out the mineral rights of the state. The literal meaning of the name of the 49th state of the US is “object to which the action of the sea is directed.” It is the only state in the nation that doesn’t collect any income tax or sales tax. Instead, every citizen of the state is paid by the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation annually. Even with these measures, the economy of the state has been in recession for the past four years. Alaska’s Department Of Labor & Workforce Development says that tech companies are one of the best employers in the state, with Alaska Communications, AT&T, GCI, and MTA Verizon Alaska leading the charge.Check out promising IT job listings in Alaska, AK . Despite a tiny workforce, Alaska delivers plenty of opportunities for careers in the information technology industry, especially to talented computer professionals. The southeast part of the state has the largest concentration of computer programmers in the nation when non-metropolitan cities are considered, as per the Alaska Chamber.

Detailed Insight Into DBA Skill Job Prerequisites in Alaska

A bachelor’s degree in the field is necessary to get a job as a DBA. Besides an academic background in information systems or computer science, experience in server administration or development is also required. Familiarity with best practices and principles is another database administrator job prerequisite. A certification such as the one awarded by Microsoft tends to improve the career prospects of DBAs.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of A DBA in Alaska

The primary role of a DBA is to develop and manage the performance of a database for businesses and web applications. They also put to use their knowledge of data architecture to improve a database to fit the needs of an organization better. Another task a database administrator performs is configuring servers and processes for more efficiency and reliability.
Salary Scale Of A DBA In Alaska
The annual salary scale of a DBA ranges from $60,500 to $154,000. SQL Server DBAs can earn as much as $106,830 in a year, while MySQL Database Administrators get paid only $94,000 annually. The average yearly remuneration of an Oracle Database Administrator is about $98,000. View and apply for similar Entry Level DB Administrator jobs waiting for you .
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