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Guide to Database Administrator Jobs : Overview on IT Job Industry in Alabama

Alabama, also called the Heart of Dixie thanks to a campaign by the state’s Chamber of Commerce in the 1940s, is a hub for the information technology industry. Every year the tech industry generates a revenue of approximately USD one billion. The IT sector in Alabama is responsible for employing more than 15,000 citizens, and most of them are in Hoover, the focal point of the technology field. Besides renowned national IT companies, Hoover is the base for regional businesses and a federally funded training center. Barring Hoover, most of the IT talent in the state is found in the following metro area – Montgomery, Mobile, Auburn-Opelika, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, and Birmingham. The Alabama Department of Labor says that of all the IT jobs, computer programmers have the highest employment rates top the chart not just in the state but in the country too. Growing at a rate of 1.83% each, software developers of system software earn an average salary of $100,650 every year. Computer system analysts in Alabama, on the other hand, get a yearly pay of $80,600. Overall, the wages of tech workers in the state are at par with other sectors.View more IT jobs in Alabama, AL .

Detailed Insight Into DBA Skill Job Prerequisites in Alabama

Generating efficiently structured databases and maintaining the integrity and quality of data are two crucial aspects of a DBA job. Therefore, the prerequisite skills a DBA needs are hands-on experience with databases, which includes creation and maintenance. Besides the necessary technical skills, a DBA must be a critical thinker with excellent problem-solving skills. Their communication and interpersonal skills have to be incredible since they need to be team players. Moreover, they must have effective time-management skills.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of A DBA in Alabama

Essentially, a database administrator or DBA manages a database. They are responsible for storing data, organizing it, and accessing it. The position also necessitates handling and managing a team of developers. For this, they need to be proficient in data architecture, computer programming, and software engineering. The role of DBA also demands analyses of the company’s data and security to develop the tools further.
Salary Scale Of A DBA In Alabama
The average pay of a Database Administrator in a year is about $84,000. Depending upon the type of database they manage, the salary scale may change. While IBM DB2 DBA receives somewhere around $97,000 annually, SQL Server Database Administrator gets $90,000. Browse Entry Level Database Administrator jobs in USA .
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