[Now] predicts tech contract jobs to open up in Q3 2010

20% Increase in demand for IT consultants during Q2 2010 compared to Q2 2009. Data Warehousing and Java are hot skills in demand.

Ashburn, VA, September 14, 2010: Consulting Information Technology (IT) jobs growth in Q2 of 2010 reached 20% higher compared to same period of 2009. During this quarter, every month recorded an increased number of IT job postings compared to 2009.

According to Prabakaran Murugaiah, Founder and CEO of [Now], "the current trend shows that the demand for consulting technology jobs is increasing in the US". A detailed dynamic report by skill and state is available at


Where to find the Tech Consulting Jobs?

The top 10 states for technology job posting are California (CA), New Jersey (NJ), Texas (TX), New York (NY), Illinois (IL), Pennsylvania (PA), Virginia (VA), Massachusetts (MA), Georgia (GA), North Carolina (NC).

An analysis of all the jobs that were opened during this period showed a sharp increase in skills that require Data Warehousing/ETL, Java, J2EE, QA/Testing, Siebel, etc.. Growth in areas like PeopleSoft, Oracle Apps, Database developers were in the 10-15% range. Skills like Mainframe, System administration and Unix/Shell Scripting saw a decline, overall


Skills Growth / Decline

The highest demand in the technology areas were seen in Data Warehousing and Java. Although a wide variety of technology skills are in demand, Java and .NET account for 25% of the jobs that were seeking talent. A complete distribution of skills in demand is shown below.

In conclusion, the overall demand for IT jobs continues to grow, while nationwide unemployment seems to be hovering around 9 %.



Individual Skill Trend Report:

Individual Skill by State Trend Report:

Map of USA

Quarterly IT Consulting Report

This report is compiled from contract positions posted at [Now] for IT consulting and contracting jobs during 2009-Q2 and 2010-Q2. TechFetch analyzes over 30,000 jobs posted by over 400 employers across the US to publish this report. These statistics are specific to IT consulting opportunities posted at


Founded in 2007, [Now] is one of the fast growing networks of technology recruiters and talents. Our technology connects relevant job and resume in 30 seconds. The network is powered by FETCH an innovative and disruptive technology from [Now]. The FETCH engine is trusted by over 6,000 technology staffing companies that post over 40,000 technology jobs every month. Our mission is to eliminate technology sector unemployment. For more information about this report, contact Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, CTO, 703-880-8741.

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Unix, C, Shell Scripting
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