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A Quick Analysis Of The System Administrator Job Industry In New Hampshire

New Hampshire is the 5th smallest state in the U.S. Its capital is Concord, and Manchester is the largest city. New Hampshire also goes by the nickname “the Granite State” for the large presence of granite quarries in the region. The state’s economy was once largely dependent on the textile industries located along the Merrimack and Connecticut Rivers. Currently, the trend has diversified, and New Hampshire’s economy is now highly competitive with other states.Explore Information Technology jobs in New Hampshire, NH . The NH Department of Labor works to create a fair, safe, and successful workplaces within the state. The Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire was founded in 1913. It currently represents 400 member companies from various sectors across the state. Neighboring Massachusetts’ technological growth has greatly influenced new Hampshire's tech sector. It has emerged as a center for electronics, entrepreneurship growth, and emerging tech industries. The state also offers an exceptional quality of life and is considered to be one of the safest places to live in. It boasts of a super-strong tech workforce that consistently ranks among the top ten in the nation. The tech sector contributes $11 billion annually in revenue.

Detailed Insight Into The System Administrator Skill Job Prerequisites

In a time and age where every aspect of a business is dependent on a single PC or a large network of computers, the sys admin is responsible for the effective and glitch-free performance of the computer network and its peripherals. A valuable sys admin should possess the following skills: • A degree in IT or a related field of computer sciences. • Working experience with WAN and LAN networks, as well as mail servers and file servers. • Knowledge of Windows server administration. • Knowledge of Unix command shell scripting and PowerShell • Well -versed with firewalls, VPNs, network forensics, deep packet inspection, network traffic analysis, and troubleshooting. • Hands-on experience in handling security issues and system vulnerabilities.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of A System Administrator Candidate

A sys admin’s job comprises of the following tasks: • Providing a consistent, stable operational environment with regular upgrades. • Keeping track of backup services • Assisting and guiding with technical advice regarding server administration, upgrades, and backups. • Collaborating with other department staff to support and maintain the system network.

Salary Scale Of A System Administrator Candidate In New Hampshire

A sys admin working in New Hampshire can expect a salary range of $57,000 to $96,000. Browse for some of the best System Administrator jobs that promise a blooming career!
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